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Power Back up and Surge Protection Products

CCS is a certified partner of American Power Conversion (APC), owned by Schneider Electric. We work with APC to give you the products that you need in this critical environment. We can assess your needs based on your load and desired runtimes to give you the products you need to keep your valued instruments up and running through surges and power outages.

We sell everything from small surge protectors and back ups, smart ups units, and Symmetra and Galaxy models. We can fit you with APC racks and netshelters. We can suggest power distributions units that will work for you, as well as let you know what APC battery replacement you need for your current UPS. We take part in APC's trade ups program and are able to assist you with any of your trade ups purchases.

In addition, we have recently partnered with Vertiv/Liebert and would love to quote you on Vertiv/Liebert UPS, netshelter, batteries and cooling systems.

Cable and Connectivity Solutions LLC has been proud to serve homes and businesses in all 50 states and Canada, equipping them with everything they need to protect themselves from surges and outages for an affordable price.

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